Fairytales, Mythology & Fantasy Come Summer 2020

In Summer 2020 we will excite imaginations of all ages discussing how our friends from the Animal Kingdom inspired the creative fables, famous stories and legends of old! Brush up on Mythology and see our reptiles, aquatic amphibians and raptors becoming DRAGONS, SEA MONSTERS and GRIFFINS! Even our favorite childhood Fairytales include everyday backyard animals like our woodland creatures and farm animals! See how Fantasy legends from around the world got their descriptions from unusual insects, a unique animal, or misperception of the everyday. Animal exhibits & specific programs will be confirmed later this Spring, but will include some from our group of over 40 resident wildlife exhibits and will present 4 unique programs, ranging from new faces to familiar favorites!

Booking now for Summer 2020! Check out our Calendar for our availability and proximity on certain dates, but please double-check with us as we have several presenters available.

If you haven’t booked us yet or want to try us out, CONTACT US below for more information and your no-obligation summer date!

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