“NHECM helps to enhance students’ experience in life sciences.

Most importantly, the program is VERY interactive and reinforces key vocabulary that students are exposed to in science lessons throughout the year: Habitats, Food Cycle/Web, Animal Classification, etc. The students are excited about seeing the different animals that… Read More

From our youngest fans: “My favorite animal is the bat…

it has big wings and cute little ears. I also like the raccoon because he is funny when he tries to get on your head!” – 3rd grader “I learned that if a snake’s eye is a football… Read More

“You are so knowledgeable and able to speak to our children in a manner in which they understand!” – 3rd grade teacher

“I taught in the educational system for 39 years…

and in those years I never saw a performance that was more fun, educational and interesting than the one I saw today! The way he held the audience’s attention, provided information, and handled the animals all at the… Read More

Standing Stone State Park Nature Rally

“Your presentation was excellent and very informative!” -Tennessee State Park patron