Online/Digital Programming: Beginning Summer 2020 (and the social distancing challenges we all now face) Animalogy is NOW offering online programming in a variety of ways to ensure our clients can still see and experience our animals! We will be offering programs via: Zoom/Zoom Webinars/Facebook LIVE or as co-hosts on other systems specific to client’s preferences, as well as a mix of pre-recorded video & LIVE Q&A! The programs are available not just for Summer libraries, but summer camps, VBS’s, and as distance learning programs through the Fall as needed. Contact us for details

Mobile Programming: Yes, WE ARE STILL AVAILABLE FOR LIVE IN-PERSON PROGRAMS! We offer a budget-friendly flat rate to those that book while we are already “in the area“!  For those who can’t, we charge a nominal mileage/travel fee which can be shared among multiple local groups able to book on the same day. Although located in Middle Tennessee, we travel throughout many states in the Southeast and strive to keep our mobile programs affordable for all types of organizations. 

Our main purpose is educational wildlife outreach, especially when it comes to teaching the next generation about the natural world.  We welcome the opportunity to visit with any new group!

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