Summer 2021 Learning Series: Tales Our Tails Will Tell!  This summer, join us for tales about tails! With both virtual and in-person programs, Animalogy will explore the unique features about our animals’ tails!

Our 2021 learning series plans to include all of your favorite Animalogy wildlife friends and some new additions.  Learn how tails scare enemies away, make new friends, say what’s on the menu, give a helping hand, help the animal hide or show off, and even how they can talk to other species!

Click here to view our Summer calendar. We have several presenters on the team, so even if your preferred date already has a scheduled event, we can still talk to you about availability!  In many cases we try to honor your previous rate and as always, we will do our best to work within your budget.

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In Summer 2020 we will excite imaginations of all ages discussing how our friends from the Animal Kingdom inspired the creative fables, famous stories and legends of old! Brush up on Mythology and see our reptiles, aquatic amphibians and raptors becoming DRAGONS, SEA MONSTERS and GRIFFINS! Even our favorite childhood Fairytales include everyday backyard animals like our woodland creatures and farm animals! See how Fantasy legends from around the world got their descriptions from unusual insects, a unique animal, or misperception of the everyday. Animal exhibits & specific programs will be confirmed later this Spring, but will include some from our group of over 40 resident wildlife exhibits and will present 4 unique programs, ranging from new faces to familiar favorites!

ONLINE VIRTUAL program options includes either a ZOOM Pro Webinar and/or Facebook LIVE event with a recorded link provided to the venue afterward. If the venue has a different online webinar platform we will be happy to work with you as a co-host. Contact us for pricing and details!

Booking now for Summer 2020! Check out our Calendar for our availability and proximity on certain dates, but please double-check with us as we have several presenters available.

If you haven’t booked us yet or want to try us out, CONTACT US below for more information and your no-obligation summer date!

This Fall brings our newest wildlife program, “Edible Animals,” which explores the different diets we eat around the globe and what causes those differences. We will learn about the natural food web that all we animals participate in – humans included!

Exhibits plan to include our new pot-bellied piglet, Patagonian Cavy, Saddled Birchir, Burmese Python, Green Iguana, Hedgehog, Rose-Haired Tarantula, Leaf Insects, and other special friends and exotic invertebrates.

Booking now for the 2019-2020 school year! Please check our online Calendar for availability! Need to schedule? Contact us!

Edible Animals Flyer

Our programs include curricula on life science, biology, geography and chemistry, and are great for students of all ages. We hope to see you soon!

Most importantly, the program is VERY interactive and reinforces key vocabulary that the students are exposed to in science lessons throughout the year: Habitat, food cycle/web, Animal Classification, etc. The material covered in the program can easily be integrated into other subjects and the students are excited about seeing the different animals NHECM brings and interacting with them!

and in those years, I never saw a performance that was more fun, educational and interesting than the one I saw today. The way he held the audience’s attention, provided information and handled the animals all at the same time, was astounding! I definitely will see his program again, even if I have to make a road trip! – Former educator, Parent & Library Patron

New this Fall 2018 – Spring 2019, our “Wildlife Senses” program explores the AMAZING ways our unique creatures use their sense of touch, taste, sight, smell & hearing – just like us (but also SO different)!  Learn how far a raptor, like our new Eagle Owl(et), can see her prey, or how a canine, like our Fox, has their own “social network”, how a Raccoon cleans it’s food with human-like hands, and how reptiles, like our Tegu “tastes the air” with its tongue.  Exhibits plan to these fascinating animals as well as a few other exotic invertebrates, amphibians and some other special friends!

Booking now!  Please check our online Calendar for availability!

WildlifeSenses18-19 Flier

We look forward to SEEING you soon!

NHECM provides entertaining and educational programming for hundreds of schools and organizations throughout the Southeast.  Our school programs are specifically designed for each particular grade level to focus on enriching the S.T.E.M. curriculum and includes lessons on geography, world cultures, life sciences, environment, conservation, foreign languages and the scientific method.

NHECM’s programs are not limited to schools or youth!  We have expanded towards educating audiences of all ages at conservation and naturalist groups, state and federal parks, corporate events, and outdoor festivals.

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