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From Teachers & Parents...


“Thank you so much for the show.  I loved your animals.  You do a wonderful job telling about the animals and making the children behave.  It is a hard thing to do with that many children in a show.  You also teach several standards that teachers have to cover and I know all of us are greatful to you for that!  I just want you to know that I personally loved your show and think you do an A+ job.  Keep up the great work.”
Kristie Dixon,
Kindergarten Teacher (Tennessee)  TOP


Bob Tarter and a very good sport!

“I taught in the educational system for 39 years and in those years, I never saw a performance that was more fun, educational and interesting than the one I saw today.  The way he held the audience’s attention, provided information and handled the animals all at the same time, was astounding.  I definitely will see his program again, even if I have to make a road trip!”

Billie Vogel, Former Educator, Parent and Library Patron (Alabama) TOP


“Thank you again for a wonderful lesson.  It fit perfectly

into our home school science programs.  Thank you very

much for the very important lessons you bring with your

beautiful animals”
Parent & Home School Teacher (Tennessee) TOP


“You are so knowledgeable and able to speak to our children

in a manner in which they understand.”

Kris Hiatt, 3rd Grade Teacher (Tennessee) TOP










”The NHECM Program helps to enhance students’ experience in life sciences.  Most importantly, the program is VERY interactive and reinforces key vocabulary that students are exposed to in science lessons throughout the year: habitats, food cycle/web, animal classification, etc.  The material covered in the program could easily be integrated into other subjects.  The students are excited about seeing the different animals that Bob brings and interacting with him.”

LaTonya White, Principal (Tennessee) TOP


“Bob did a wonderful job of not only entertaining students, but teaching them as well.  I would recommend the assembly to anyone.  Not only was it cost effective, but educational as well.”

Darin Loepker, Principal (Illinois) TOP












”Bob has a standing invitation as a summer reading performer for our library system.  His amazing animals are our most popular program every summer and we literally have to turn people away.  It is always a pleasure to work with Bob because he is dependable and the consummate professional.  His control and interaction with families and children of all ages is truly exceptional.  Quite simply, Bob is the best!”
Toy Lancaster, Director,
Lexington Public Library System (Lexington, KY). TOP


”We have begun using tickets for our NHECM programs.  Its the first time an event has been so popular at Spring Hill Library that it required us ticketing to handle the crowds.  Even taking that step we had parents so desperate to get in that we actually had people counterfeit tickets!  But that level of interest and popularity is immediately understandable; NHECM’s presenters offer entertainment, worthwhile education and can keep a crowd of any age range enthralled.  I have managed libraries from Pennsylvania to California and have never seen as effective an animal program as that presented by NHECM.”
Alan Couch, Director
, Spring Hill Public Library (Spring Hill, TN). TOP


”Bob has been coming here for so long, his is part of our “Library Family”.... He always makes his presentations interesting, as well as VERY educational.  He has a way of commanding and keeping your attention as he talks about each animal.  I knew the first time we had him here, he would be someone that we would want for repeat programs.  That being due to his knowledge and love (and also respect) for the animals he brings with him each time.”

David Prather, Lee County Library (Tupelo, MS). TOP


”Bob and his programmers do a great job!  They are masters at displaying the animals they bring, explaining a wide variety of information in a simple and compelling manner, and compelling the attention of children and adults alike.  

Very highly recommended!”

Kevin Barron, Asst. Director, Mississippi County Library System (Osceola, AR). TOP








State Parks & Conservation groups...

”I was pleased with the Creatures of the Night programs Bob presented at the 2012 Big Cypress Tree Fall Festival.  He does a great job interacting with the audience and had no trouble holding their attention.  He spoke loudly enough so that all could hear.  The programs were very informative and very interesting.  I hope to have him back for my 2013 event.”

Bill McCall, Park Manager Big Cypress Tree State Natural Area (Tennessee). TOP


“NHECM provides a very fast paced and entertaining but very educational program that is enjoyed by both child and adult alike.  Bob also takes the time after each program to talk to visitors to answer questions or just talk about the cool animals that we share our world with.”

Cindy Earls, Friends of Land Between the Lakes (Cadiz, KY). TOP


Other Events...

”Bob Tarter takes command of the audience immediately and somehow works his magic so unsuspecting adults (like me) agree to hold 60 lb. Pythons!  You leave with a true sense of what conservation is all about.”

Em Walters, President Bukka White Blues Fest (Aberdeen, MS). TOP




What our Clients say...

Referrals from some of our youngest fans!

“My favorite animal is the bat, it has big wings and cute little ears.  I also like the raccoon because he is funny when he tries to get on your head.”

       - 3rd grader


“Mr. Bob was so good at introducing the animals, he was very kind, nice and very gentle with the animals.  My favorite was I got to see a well-trained Bobcat.”

        - 4th grader


“I liked the Congo Eel.  I liked it because I like frogs and snakes and bugs.  It was my favorite assembly, it is every year.”

        - 3rd grader


“You are a brave man, you picked up a raccoon.  I learned how it uses its claws to feel things and it likes marshmallows.  Keep up the good work.”

       - 4th grader


“My favorite animal was the Burmese python, when it was wrapped around [my teacher]”

       - 2nd grader


“My favorite animal was the Red Kangaroo.  I liked that when they grow up they can jump so high and still be very small.”

        - 2nd grader


“I liked the Burmese python, it was cool it didn’t blink when you touched it’s eye.”

        - 2nd grader


“My favorite animal was the prairie dog.  I like baby dolls.  And the prairie dog seems like a baby doll.”

       - 2nd grader


“I learned that if a snake’s eye is a football shape its venomous and if it’s eye looks like ours its not venomous.”

       - 4th grader


“You had the best show ever, I loved all the animals but if I had to pick one, I would pick the python.  I can’t believe that was the littlest snake.  I also liked the Fennec fox.  You did very good.”

         - 3rd grader


“I learned that a raccoon can run around you and will tear up your house and they eat any kind of food they eat McDonald’s and apples.  Thank you for visiting our school.”

         - 3rd grader


“My favorite animal was the congo eel.  I liked it because it was covered in slime and could live underwater.”

           - 3rd grader


“My favorite animal was the fruit bat because its eyes are huge.”

          - 2nd grader