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Educational Resources & Links



       (To learn more about any of NHECM’s featured exhibits, also check out our “Animal Exhibits” page)




                           Searchable database for animals                              Natural history topics including exhibitions at museum



                             Links to Nature series videos                                   Interesting info and research about UK exhibits   



                            Fun facts and kid-friendly website                                    Features kid-friendly searchable database                                                                                 


                           Diverse research website about various animals






           (Also see our NHECM “Friends In Conservation” links)                                         

Websites for All types of Animal Research

National Geographic (Animals)

University of Michigan’s: Animal Diversity Web

Animal Planet

PBS Nature Series

Natural History Museum (UK)

Animal Fact Guide

Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History

Conservation Organizations & Local Interest

Tennessee’s Wildside

Watchable Wildlife

Organization for Bat Conservation

Cougar Rewildling Foundation

Walden’s Puddle (Wildlife Rehabilitation)

Acorn Naturalists (Educational Products)

Feline Conservation Federation

Tennessee Aquarium